These are some of my fave products. I use every one of these myself, so I recommend them only because I love them and value them highly myself! 

Suzi's Fave Fitness Products

My fave exercise machine: THE ROWING MACHINE! I call it the "anti aging machine" because it solves 3 of the biggest problems we have as we age.

Cardio/muscular fitness: both muscle AND cardio in minutes a day. Joint Health (all the results with none of the pain/pressure/impact). And Posture: the rower targets the upper back which keeps your posture strong, and your low back healthy.

The most versatile exercise equipment on this planet. If you only purchase ONE piece of equipment, this should be it.

I recommend 12-15 lbs. It's more than you likely think you can lift... but that's the point!

Need to add resistance? I keep these under my desk, use them on long car rides, and add them to other workouts to get more burn in less time.

They're portable, versatile, and a great way to target additional muscle groups while you train the main 6.

My fave possession: Stand Up Paddle Board. The most fun fitness activity I've ever done and it's PORTABLE! I take this thing EVERYWHERE! It's a blast, is great for the whole family (I'll paddle with all 4 of my kids on here with me!) and it's a great way to Enjoy your Fitness.

Sometimes when you're in recovery (mentally, physically, or emotionally), you can't do as much as you like... but a step counter watch can help you stay active!

This cute watch does everything I need it to, it's waterproof, affordable and the battery lasts forever!

Body Comp Scale. There's SO much more to weight than pounds. This helps you measure numbers that matter: Body fat, muscle mass, water weight, and more. 

This is an awesome tool for anyone trying to improve their body comp.

Suzi's Fave Kitchen Tools

Veggies on demand! This thing makes it so easy to put more veggies in your meals and makes your veggies more appealing. Quality AND quantity. I love this thing!

Sauces, soups, shredding, oh my! Faster and easier is better when it comes to cooking if you ask me and this tool helps make all sort of food prep processes faster and easier. It does loads of things!

Bento Box lunch box. GREAT for meal prep, school lunch or on the go meals. Compartments for different food groups (Veggies & protein first!) and a lid for easy refrigerating & packing.

Turn any "boring" sandwich into a gourmet meal! My kids LOVE this thing. Also GREAT for making veggie chips, wraps, anything you want to heat in a hurry.

Suzi's Fave Supplements

Need more protein? SUPERFOODS are my jam. I LOVE this powder because the ingredients are super clean, the taste is good, and the price is right. Cover all your micro and macronutrient bases with this supplement - vegan friendly!

Trouble Sleeping? Magnesium oil spray! This gets you more restful sleep and helps you balance your hormones and electrolytes. Best part? You don't ingest it! It's topical and soaks in through your skin. WAY better!

Spray on hands and feet before bed. *GREAT FOR NIGHTMARES/NIGHT TERRORS for kids too!*

#1 Seasoning! This stuff is delicious, can top pretty much anything savory, and will add LOADS of nutrients to whatever you're eating. SO many benefits in one little sprinkle. Use Code SUZIB to save 10%

I use this in place of salt and my kids love it! Easily add REAL NUTRITION to any food (pizza included!)

Suzi's Fave Injury Recovery Products

Plantar Fasciitis? Sore joints? Tight Muscles? You need these! I use these balls for EVERYTHING and I LOVE them.

Not sure how to use them? Here's a free course offered by my friend Cammy to teach you how:

Recover faster, relax deeper, and sweat out the toxins. I LOVE hot tubbing. It's amazing for injury recovery or life recovery in general. And a great way to deepen relationships, too. 

This is a space saver and money saver... and a body saver! I love this hot tub. We soak in ours almost every single night for 6 years now!

Suzi's Fave Books

A FASCINATING read about how to understand cravings and change the order of the foods you eat to get the most benefits and enjoyment form your food. 

When you understand why things happen and what to do, food is far less frustrating and much more enjoyable!

This was the first Self help book that got me started on my journey toward better habits. An interesting read about Gretchen Rubin's journey to changing her life, a few simple actions at a time.

This book aligns very much with mine (Life Conscious) and does a phenomenal job of explaining the timeline, concepts and shifts that happen in your brain when creating habits. Wonderful examples and stories in here too! LOVE this one!

Suzi's Fave Biz Tools

The course platform like no other. REWARDS! When you reward your students this way, they win because it's way more fun and you win because they will complete the course! NO MORE DROPOUTS! The reason you coach is to help you clients change. They only change if they stick to it. Xperiencify helps make that happen. I LOVE this platform.

Email manager, Website Builder, List builder, and all the online things.

I LOVE this software! It does EVERYTHING! It's affordable and super user friendly.

I highly recommend Mailerlite for all your CRM needs!

Podcast/video show hosting network - grow your audience! I love producing my live weekly show on this network. It's the ultimate Win Win!

I get access to phenomenal guest speakers, trainings, and community; my guests get access to a huge audience; my audience gets free access to my guests; I have endless amounts of content to share with my people. Win Win Win!

Learn how to Become a Show Host by clicking below.