Body, Mind & Soul Habits with Mary Westcott Ep#21

Body, Mind & Soul Habits with Mary Westcott Ep#21

Mary Wescott is here because she has gone through the 1 23 Habit System. She's one of the very first people who really connected with the 1 23 Habits and. It completely made a huge shift in the way that she works, the way she lives, and I just absolutely love what it has done for her.

So I invited her on the show and I'm gonna have her talk a little bit about where she was before she started 1, 2, 3 habits, and then where she is now. Welcome to the show, Mary. Thanks for being here.

Thank you, on your show and just spreading the love and inspiration to your audience. Thank you for having me.

So like Suzi said, I am Mary Westcott. So I'm a mom, wife, and business owner. , so with the 1, 2, 3 habits, before I, was introduced to it, I was living the life of anxiety. Depression. I had really bad postpartum depression, as being a first time mom. My habits weren't great. My, my routine, there wasn't no routine.

There wasn't like any structure. And then, so I met Susie. She was actually my third. Guest on the podcast. And so she introduced me after the podcast, her 1 23 systems after you're, talking about it. And I was like, of course I would love to take a look and see if how that will work for me. And so we hit it off and ever since then I was able to, Really look at my mentality, in a brighter light.

My actual mental wellness is a lot better. I look at life as a precious moment and not just l surviving by it. I'm actually thriving. And I'm able to set the boundaries that I need. I'm able to be able to just be me. And so with these 1, 2, 3 habits, I was able to start up my own podcast management business, get clients.

I was able, now I'm able to actually build this course and really be thankful for my life now, and it's, I'm just living in full abundance and inspiration right now. So, Suzi, I wanna thank you for introducing me to the amazing 1, 2, 3 habits.

Awesome, Mary. Oh my Lord. Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks for being here, and thanks for, for embracing it the way that you did.

I've never seen anybody jump on it as much as you have and embrace it as quickly and as broadly as you have. Like you talked about, you started here with your mental health. You had three mental health habits, then you worked it into your business, then you worked it into your podcast, then you worked it into all these different areas of your life already.

And you and I, I was only on your show, what, six months ago? So all of this has happened in just a period of a couple of months. It's absolutely amazing what you have been able to do with 1, 2, 3 habits. So, so awesome. So let's go back to the beginning where you were saying when you came to me, when we first met, you had just started your business.

You were swamped with mom life and all of the things, and it felt like you were sort of overwhelmed by, all right? Yes. Yeah. And so then we went into, we dove right into three habits that you could do every single day to just give you some clarity back, to give you back some control and to help you start with your mental health.

I remember you saying my mental health is my priority number one. That's why I wanted to start. So that was your first pillar, your first, your step one. Then we did our two month program, and you harnessed and powered yourself up with three habits. What were those three habits? Do you remember what they were?


So those three habits was journaling for 10 minutes reading for 20 and exercising slash meditation for 30. So that right there I'm still doing right now. Without those things I can most definitely tell I have a bad day if I don't actually implement those. So it is a everyday. That I don't even think about anymore that I just do every day.

So it's awesome. That's

amazing. Do you guys hear this? Okay, so she formed three habits six months ago, and she's still doing them today on autopilot. It's just absolutely incredible what you can do with habits because they don't just change you while you're working on 'em. How, what did you feel when you were working on those things?

Like what shift happened while you were in the middle of those three habits?

Oh my goodness. I felt. More relieved. I, I built some clarity. I was really in tune with my inner self, because. As being a mom, you know, it's very stressful. It's, you know, you have anxiety and this all the stress and all the overwhelmed just all around you.

But my journaling, it's like my therapy. I can just write down whatever I'm feeling, that moment in that moment and just let it all out. And then when you read, I read personal development books to give me back that positivity after releasing that negativity. So I am reading, you know, affirmations, I'm reading, just knowledge, knowledge, things about business, anything like that.

And then whatever. I can't get out still from journaling for those 10 minutes I work out and I just let all of that, just the rest of that out, and then I finish off with a meditation to be more grounded with myself. And then I have, a wonderful day after that. I'm manifesting for a great day. Like no one can stop me

after that.

I love it. These three habits set you up so that no one can stop you from doing what you want the whole day. Yeah. These are how you set your day. Set the tone and start. Oh, I'm fantastic. I just am so proud of you. It makes me so happy. So, without the 1, 2, 3 habits, do you think you would have been able to focus in on these three key things?

Do you think you would've been able to figure out? What those most important factors were and how to make them into habits without this 3, 1 23 habit system?

Probably not. I'm just gonna be honest with you. I, no, because. With the 1, 2, 3 habits, it actually honed down on what I was seeing in my life, but I need to let go and what I need to really focus on, and it really allowed me to really analyze those things and now I'm on the actual straight path of what I want, the goals that I need, to.

And it's just, it's just amazing.

That is so phenomenal. Oh, I love hearing that. I love it so much that you started somewhere and that it's still working for you today, and then it helped you bring that clarity, helped you overcome all that overwhelm from beginning, all those things that you were doing. Oh, it's so awesome.

So, so exciting. And so, and in true habits and humor form, you also have an embarrassing story to share with us. So, Mary is one of my amazing clients. Yes, absolutely. She is one of the top, the top tier clients who really dove into this and really made this program hers. But she also has her own business and her own stuff that she's got going on.

So lemme tell you a little bit about her and then she's gonna tell us an embarrassing story of course, because that's what we do here. And then she's gonna teach us something that she now knows about herself because of what she learned in this embarrassing moment. So Mary is like, she talked about, she, I was a guest on her podcast.

She is the podcaster, the host of the Fearless Mom Tribe Podcast, excuse me, fearless Mom Tribe Podcast, and she's also a podcast manager. She was my podcast manager when I first began, and she, her business is called Podcast Management with Mary. I. She also is a mom. She has a beautiful daughter and she helps moms to, um, podcasting moms to buy back three extra hours in their week with when, when she manages their production, and she helps them with their processes and setting up strategic frameworks so that we moms can keep ourselves organized and, and keep track of what we're doing all the time, and still be able to make our impact with our, with our message.

So Mary, beautiful thing that you do, beautiful work that you do. Tell us a little bit about, what you do, and then go ahead and tell us your embarrassing story. Hi.

Yes. So honestly, what you just actually just described is exactly what I do, so with my podcast, I'm here to empower moms to love themselves unapologetically, through all the flaws, all the heartaches and pains and traumas that we go through.

And it is a set space for moms to come together. Let their hair down and really bond with each other no matter of the ideas and values that we actually embrace, so it's something that I work on because I know how just stressful it can be. And, When we don't have support system. And so I want to be that support system for my moms and of course my podcast management.

I am here for my podcasting moms, because I know how valuable family is. I know how valuable time is. You know, we, we don't have just extra time to just spend, like, if that was the case, we'll be sleeping somewhere, having fun, somewhere, doing whatever, but I am here. To just help moms to strategically and plan and stay organized with their podcast as well as still thrive in life.

And so I just embrace and just love what I do with my clients because just seeing the backend parts, the raw, actual, episodes and putting that into a finalized complete amazing episode is so amazing. And now, so my embarrassing story. So this was back when I was eight years old this is one of the stories I might as well just tell everybody cuz my parents always tell everyone else that has met me.

So I'm just gonna just tell the world, so when I was eight, I always had a K nine for creativity, but I never knew, and I love fashion, so I love. Shoes, I love clothes, all different types of things. And so I have older siblings, that are like 10, 11 years older than me. So I always seen them with amazing shoes and clothes.

So one day I decided to take upon myself, to go to school with my sisters thigh, high, high heel, black boots, still auto boots.

I love image. You're eight years old. Thigh high, high heels at school.

Oh my gosh, so I challenged, I, my brother took us to school, me and my little sister. So I was like, Ooh, I really like these shoes.

So I was like, I wonder how far I can get away with just wearing these shoes out the house. Let's see if this will work. Obviously my brother didn't pay attention, remind you also, before I continue, my sister is five 10. So she's tall. I am an eight year old, probably like two foot, three foot. Like I was short.

I was very short. Like literally those spy high boots came all the way up to my, my hips. Okay. I don't know how I walked in them. I really don't. And so he dropped us off to school. I was walking with my little sister with her backpacks and everything went inside and I was still frantic and I'm still surprised.

I'm literally going to school with these high heels on, like my brother still did not notice me walking. I'm like, what's going on? So I was like, okay, that works. And so I went into school. I don't remember much of like pretty much school. I just remember my teacher putting me to the side. And calling my parents.

And I guess what my mom was telling me was that, she was laughing so hard she couldn't even really even get it out of a whole scenery of just a eight year old with thigh high boobs. And it's high heels at that. It's high heels too. Like you guys gotta remember that, that's high heels wasn't just regular, like flat, no high heels.

And so they were just laughing and. Like literally I didn't get in trouble, but my parents asked me like, why did you do that? Like still to this day, they're like, what made you literally wear your sister's boots? And I was like, I just like them. I was seeing how far I can get away with it. Obviously I got away with it.

I don't know. So my brother said, they made my brother go back up there. And bring me back my tennis shoes. So yeah, that was awesome. My parents tell that story to everybody. I'm like, that's so embarrassing. Why are you guys like my, my friend is, he even jokes around. He's like, well, I'm gonna get a tattoo of literally a black stiletto thigh, high boots somewhere.

What's your name on it? I'm like, why would you do that? Why? But, In the end of that story, I've actually came to realization that and through life right now, as of today, I am a goer. I am a challenger. I challenge life. I challenge this people and society. Nothing's gonna stop me. I will go all in. Or it's, it's all, it's all or, or nothing.

Like, it's amazing. So that story, I really got that I'm a challenger. I will face whatever it is, and I will still go for it no matter how hard it will be or how silly it may seem. But you will know who I am and I will let you know, this is who I am and this is me. So yeah, that's my embarrassing moment.

I love it. I love that you started out with like pushing a boundary. You wanted to see how far you could go with this thing, because it was you, it's what you wanted to do, and you're still living life that way. You still figure out like, this is what I want. How far can I push this? How far can I push myself?

And then, You just go with it, and I like that your support system just laughed. They enjoyed the moment.

Oh yes. They laugh. They tell the story every day. It's, that's fantastic. I love it.

That's awesome. So that's such a valuable lesson for all of us, I think, is to first of all, know what you want. Like you wanted to wear the boots, you wanted to be you, no matter, it didn't matter if you were going to school.

It didn't matter where you were headed. That's what you wanted to do. And so that's one key piece of the puzzle if you ask me. I think if we know what we want, then we know how to push ourselves. Would you agree with that?

Oh, I agree a hundred percent.

Yeah. So how do you come to, I know you're a person who knows exactly what you want.

You're making some big life decisions right now and you're making some big changes, and how do you come to know that? Like how do you come to decide what is it in my life that I want? How do I, how do I sift through all this stuff in my head and figure out what it is exactly that I really do want?


yeah, so it took, it took some time. It took some learning of really what I really, really wanted in life and it's trial and error. So basically just like how with this embarrassing story, it was trial and error. See where I can push myself and see how far I can get, if something don't work out. Find another route.

if it's something that you really want. You know, I like, I, I always really wanted to help people somehow, some way I knew there was a gift somewhere. I just didn't know how I did blogging. I did m mlm, businesses. I done it all like, but I didn't find my edge until one day I decided to really sit down and like, okay, I love talking.

I love really speaking to people, talking to them face to face. How can I put that into something? That I can actually help others. And I thought of a podcast and I was like, oh my gosh, let's do that. Originally it was just for women and then I started to niche down after really being a mom and really understanding the life and the struggles that we go through.

And so I'm really, really honed down into the community of moms. And then I actually go by a, a nice little system that I have created myself is, know your vision. Know your mission and then put those into goals and then put it into action. So I envision myself being one of the top five, like podcasting.

People out there that helps moms with a huge, you know, community of helping them with starting their own business or even just living a better life. And my goal, my mission is to help 5,000 moms, to either launch or manage their very own podcast to help it grow, monetize, strategize, keep it organized.

And my goals right now is to continue my podcast. Continue spreading the value through content and being able to, you know, just show up for my, my clients and just many moms and just network. So that's, that's how I do it.

That's amazing. Oh my word. I loved your four, your four points that you made, vision, and what was the second one?

Mission, mission, vision. Mission, and then, Goals of action, goals and action. Oh man, man, man, I love it so much. Action. That's my favorite part of that piece is taking the action. So many of us talk about what we wanna do and we do. We make the vision board and we see what we want, but then we never actually make it happen.

I think that is such a tragedy and that's, that's what I'm trying to prevent on this show, is helping you to actually take action and take those small daily steps. Like you started out with 10 minutes of journaling and 30 minute workouts, and what was the other one? Reading. Reading for 20 minutes. So that all fits into one hour.

One hour of your 24 hour day completely changed the way that you parent, the way that you run your business. All of these things. It's absolutely fascinating to me what a simple, small little change will do. And I loved seeing how committed you were to it. Like once you started this thing, there was no stopping you, you absolutely are a force to be reckoned with.

It's incredible what you've been able to do with, with the 1 3, 1 2, 3 habits. So, Thank you so much for being here. Mary, thank you for your wonderful example of what this can do for someone's life. And then thank you for the work that you do. So you are so amazing what you were able to help me with launching my podcast.

I will forever be grateful and just absolutely. I love your mission. I love what you're working for. I just admire the heck out of you. So thank you for being here.

Thank you for having me. Thank you so, so much. I appreciate it.

Awesome. So you were saying that your last, or that, your three habits that you're working on right now, tell us those one more time.

What are you working on?

My three habits is still those same ones to actually just to not really improve, but to keep going. So it's, it's still my journaling, it's still my reading and it's still my exercising meditation. I really focus on that because mental health is a very, very big factor for moms.

And so that has really, really helped me. So right now, I don't, I'm not actually adding on anything else. If anything, I'm adding time to it. So sometimes I'll add an extra five minutes to my journaling if I have an extra time or an extra 10 minutes for reading, or an extra, like five or 10 minutes for exercising meditation, just to have that extra time right there if I really, really need it.

So I'm still working on the same thing.

I love it and I love that these have been such a powerful foundation for you. So now those were where you started, you started with those, and now you're able to build on and add on and, and continue the process. That's so inspiring. Thank you. Awesome. Okay, Mary, keep up what you're doing.

You're doing amazing things and I can't wait to see where you go and what you do with all of this. And again, thank you so much for being here and thanks for being such a wonderful light in this world. You talked about how this made you see the world a little brighter and a little lighter, and you are such a fantastic example of how quickly the 1 23 Habit system can change.

Simple changes make a massive difference. It

does. Thank you so much for having me.

Thanks so much, Mary. All right, you guys, keep with us. Stay with us. This is one example of the 1 23 Habit System and how absolutely it works. I can tell you all day long how it worked for me, but until you put it into your life, you won't have it for yourself.

So I encourage you, sit down today, figure out what is your one pillar harness, your two superpowers. With two months of consistent practice on those three daily habits, whatever those three things are, whatever that one idea is, that calls you the loudest. Figure out three things you can do every single day to make that thing happen.

Bring it into reality and start it today. Don't wait any longer. Quit talking about it. Quit thinking about it. Actually do it. 1, 2, 3 habits. I'm Suzi B and I hope that you have gotten some inspiration to act today from the Habits and Humor podcast. We'll check in with you next week. Have a fantastic guys.